“I have known Jon and Stephanie Iannotti for about 3 years now. When they started the Florida Gulf Coast REIA in Ft. Meyers they invited me to join. I am so glad I did..It was at that event  that they announced they were bringing ReACTS.. to Market. . I loved their ACTS program, and as Jon always says the Real Estate  market is always changing...Thus REACTS was born. With in the first few month's of the purchase of REACTS... I had my first closing using REACTS and at closing I received a check for $9,849.99 I was delighted. I would encourage every Real Estate Investor to "invest in ReACT."...You will be glad you did.  ~~ Barry W., Fl.

Jon & Steph,
REACT has changed my life! I was one of the lucky few who got the opportunity to be at the very first REACT event in February 2014 and I have been to every event they have held here in Florida. I believe you must be willing to adapt in order to survive in this business and one of my favorite things about going to the REACT events is that Jon and Stephanie adapt the REACT techniques to what is working NOW and not just what used to work 3 months ago. No matter how many times I have gone, I always learn at least 1 new thing while I’m there. In the past two months I have closed on two of my deals and made almost $15,000 while only spending about 10 hours between the two of them.  Did I mention that I have a full time job and do this in my spare time? I have several more contracts including a contract we just picked up the other day. As a Real Estate Investor, I believe that these trainings are crucial to my success.  REACT has helped me achieve my goals, and in my opinion, continues to be the best way to make money in today’s Real Estate Market. ~~ John S., Orlando, FL

Steph and Jon Iannotti testimonial letter   
This letter is to thank Steph and Jon Iannotti for their help and support. I feel as if I am a experienced real estate investor having completed over 200 transactions in my career. Jon recently helped me put together an owner financing technique that I had never thought of.
The result was, I acquired a little 2 bedroom home for $8k through a short sale and was able to turn it into over $400 a month positive cash flow that is set to continue for the next 6 years. The coolest part about the deal is, I was able to offer a great opportunity to the buyer, that they could not find elsewhere. They were elated to not have to qualify at the bank to buy the property and to get a 0% interest loan on top of that.  Total profit in the deal will be over $20k.

Thank you Jon for not only showing me a technique that is filling my pockets, but more importantly, showing me how to help out a young couple to buy their first home. My buyers are appreciative as well.
Passive Cash Flow, Is the way to go!

Jeff Dube
Assertive Acquistions
Jacksonville, FL

"We have been forever changed since Jon and Stephanie came into our lives."
We got involved in Real Estate Investing in January of 2005.  Craig, as the sole provider of our family, lost his job in the corporate world in March 2005.  Although we were very new to Real Estate Investing, we had a lot of faith and admiration for Jon and Steph, because of their accomplishments in the business and the kind of people they are.  They have had so much faith in us and have always been there for us.  There is no doubt in our minds that if it had not been for Jon and Steph to decide to become mentors and our decision to become their students, we would not have experienced the successes that we have.  

We have been full-time in Real Estate Investing for 2 years now.  We have expanded our business to all of Northwestern Pennsylvania and are continuing to grow.  You will not find better mentors or friends than this special couple.  They have given all of their heart and soul to our success and us.  We will never be able to give back to them what they have given to us.   We thank God everyday for having them in our lives and for making the decision we did to invest in our future and a better future for our children.  

Thank you Jon and Steph from the bottom of our heart!!

Craig and Susan Gillis

"Jon Iannotti has been a great help in re-establishing my goals and developing a better marketing plan.  He has always answered my calls during the appointed time and is a very giving and sharing person.  During the meeting in Orlando earlier this month, Jon and Stephanie had their group meet and share ideas over dinner one night.  The networking and sharing of ideas was appreciated by all that attended. “   
Dan Trembulak from Seminole , Florida.

"As Mentors, Jon and Stephanie Iannotti are one of the best! They teach in a way that takes you to investing on a  higher level! Their workshops are so helpful.  They interact with you while making you use YOUR thoughts and ask questions while teaching you.  It's a VERY exciting concept while making investing FUN!  In this age of real estate, you must be on top of things, Jon and Stephanie are ALWAYS learning themselves, going to seminars with the millionaire investors of the world, learning the latest and greatest way of investing, while then teaching it to their students.  Not only do they teach,  they are always accessible for questions or brainstorming.

Within our first year of investing, we closed on 3 properties, thanks to Jon
and Stephanie's guidance and programs.   We never thought investing in real
estate could be this easy!

Through their programs, we've learned that not only can you HELP the sellers SELL their home, but you HELP the buyers BUY their dream home!  This gives you personal satisfaction in knowing you are helping people. 

As students and fellow investors, we feel fortunate for having this opportunity to be in their investing group - FIN. (Financial Independence Network)
Not only are we business investors, we have become friends.

Linda Brandenburg
BIG Housing Solutions, LLC
Butler, PA

I joined the mentoring group because I know that these people are successful investors right here in Pittsburgh and would be able to share how to get things done here and how to do them correctly within the PA laws.  They are resources to tap at any time with any question.  Knowing this has given me the confidence to get out there and start investing after a long time of “studying” and “learning” about it!  They are truly committed to their students’ success.

Bev Riley, PA

The Mentorship Program is outstanding!  I have gone to countless seminars over the past 2 years and was interested in getting into real estate investing.  I have gained a lot of knowledge in doing so, but never was able to take the leap on doing my first deal.  I realized I needed help in getting started.  I decided to join the group and they made it easy with financing the membership, which was the only way I could afford to start my new business.

In the past months, I have learned so much through the group.  There are my systems and opportunities offered to students and I feel this was the best move I made in becoming a real estate investor.

Glen Gesler

Dear Jon and Stephanie,

I want to thank you once again for all help you both have been to me over the past several months. Having you as my mentors has been an amazing help financially and an encouragement to me as I am still in my first year of my real estate investing business.

Everyone knows that starting a business is hard enough, but then when you’ll get “friends” telling you how tough the economy is and that the odds are that you won’t succeed, it makes it all the harder. I’m pretty strong emotionally and am not easily swayed by what others say, but I’ll tell you that it makes all the difference in the world having that weekly mentoring call and various emails during the week that keep my head on straight and my head in the game. I truly can’t thank you enough for what you have done for my life.

I thought I had a pretty good grasp of things already when I became your student, but my confidence and knowledge of the details of real estate went to a whole nuther :) level after being your student for six months.

I hope that you are able to use this letter to show potential students just how valuable your mentoring program is, because between the dollars that are created during the mentoring period and the connections that are made just from knowing you are absolutely invaluable. I can not urge anyone strongly enough to enroll in your mentoring program...it’s what every investor needs...novice or beginner!

Thanks again for all you’ve done!

Jim Zaspel
Philadelphia, PA

Jon and Steph have really helped us get our real estate business going.  They have given us systems to follow and access to a whole network that makes it easier for us to tackle all aspects of real estate investing; we would NEVER have had the knowledge to do this on our own.  

Jon and Steph are personalized mentors, always a phone call or email away.  We have direct unlimited access to them; not like other mentorship programs that we considered.  

And it just doesn't stop with Jon and Steph, they have provided us with a whole "power team" of other investors, Realtors, marketing experts, etc that have assisted us.  

We have gained more than just knowledge and business partners, we consider Jon and Steph our friends.  They truly care about success.  

Their positive attitudes are one of a kind.

Sally and Chris Carroll, Naples Florida

Dear Stephanie and Jon Iannotti,

We would like to take this chance to thank you both for all your help.  A year ago we were confused and had more questions than answers about getting and or finishing a deal.  Not only did you answer those questions, but helped us stick with the play, stay focused, and most importantly to get our first REALLY BIG CHECK.  You made the process easier, faster and definitely more profitable.  I hope more people take advantage of this program because it is like having a knowledgeable partner working side by side with them.  Thanks again for all your help. See you on the beaches of the world!

Carlos Rodriguez
Edward Adames

Jon and Stephanie:

I wanted to take a minute and tell you how happy Robert and I are to have you both visit us and take a closer look at our business. It was very helpful to have you both see our area and what challenges we have been facing over the last few months. To have you verify the potential in some houses versus others was advantageous. Each state and suburb is different and to have you understand are market is very valuable to us. Since your visit, Robert is a machine at making offers on houses—site unseen.. which at this point we feel comfortable with.  We have several houses under contract soon to be rehabbed and sold. 

You both are so generous with your time and knowledge, for that we are both so grateful to you. You both are amazing with your experience and willingness to “dig in” and truly find out what to tweak in someone’s business to get it to flourish. Your business is amazing and Robert and I anticipate that in the future we will be able to parallel what you both have built. 

Thank you again for your time and willingness to get our business off the ground!

Best Regards,

Robert and Elizabeth Lisk
Home Solutions Investments LLC

I started investing in real estate in 2004. I bought a duplex to live in one side and rent the other. From there I began buying other investment properties. Shortly after getting started I realized I needed help in learning. I was lucky enough to meet Jon and Stephanie Iannotti and I joined their mentorship program and learned a TON from them. Having them really shortened my learning curve and made it possible to be where I am today. After doing a few wholesale deals and buying 1 or 2 rental properties I took the plunge and began rehabbing houses. My first large rehab project was in 2006. For the last 10 years I have done many deals including large scale rehabs, wholesale deals, short sales, creative terms, subject-to and even part of a million dollar commercial property purchase.

Brian Snyder, Pittsburgh PA

“I have known Jon and Stephanie Iannotti for about 3 years now. When they started the Florida Gulf Coast REIA in Ft. Myers they invited me to join. I am so glad I did..It was at that event that they announced they were bringing ReACTS.. to Market. . I loved there ACTS program, and as Jon always says the Real Estate market is always changing...Thus ReACTS was born. With in the first few month's of the purchase of ReACTS... I had my first closing using ReACTS and at closing I received a check for $9,849.99 I was delighted. I would encourage every Real Estate Investor to "invest in ReACT."...You will be glad you did. Barry W., Fl.

Testimonial From The Happiest Girl in Tennessee 
House #1 Subject To Deal
It took me 77 days to make $15,160.50.
On February 27, I met with a lovely couple in Dandridge, TN. I bought their house Subject To with a two year term for the balance of what they owed, $122,000. I hosted an Open House on March 31, expecting five couples to look through the house. Then my Mentor, Jon Iannotti and I went through "What to expect from Buyers" on our Weekly Mentoring Call that morning, so I felt at ease going to my appointment. I was ready for everyone to throw their money at me! Unfortunately, only one couple showed up that day. They had driven from Chicago the day before and fell in love with the house. Through our discussions at the Open House, I realized they were going to buy this house. I had the house advertised for $145,000 with a Lease Purchase. This couple had seen the Seller's advertisement for $135,000 so I agreed to honor that price. They gave me a $3,000 check to hold their place in line. The next day their attorney called to let me know they had accepted an offer on their house in Chicago and planned to cash me out by mid-May. Ecstatic does not describe the way I felt! 
In total, I received rent for April and May, $2,000. Then on May 15, I got a check for $13,160.50.
I have told that story about a hundred times in less than a month. I've also told people that the Lord probably won't ever bless me like that again. But I keep praying for another blessing!
So, what did I do with $15,000? I decided to flip a house in my hometown! New kitchen with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, new bathroom vanities, new light fixtures and fresh paint throughout. That one hit the Knoxville MLS on June 6. I'll keep you up to date on the progress. 
House #2 ACTS DEAL
I met with one of my Sorority sisters March 17 to discuss buying her house. It is a charming 3/ 1.5 in an older neighborhood close to downtown Knoxville. I agreed to pay her top dollar, $120,000. In the beginning of May, with no luck so far, I called her and she agreed to drop the price to $112,000. By the end of May, I still didn't have anyone seriously looking at her house. So, I called her to let her know I had given up. She told me that she appreciated my efforts and she would probably List It with a Realtor on Monday. Not 30 minutes after that conversation, a man called me desperately wanting to see the house! So, I agreed to let him see it. Then another 30 minutes passed and my phone rang with two other people who said they loved the house! I called my Seller, asked for one more weekend and she agreed. 
On Monday June 2, I had a $2,000 Earnest Money check from a Buyer with another $5,000 promised to be paid before they moved in. Originally, they told me it would take 8-12 months to be ready for the mortgage. When the credit reports came back, it will probably take them 24 months. Since I extended their contract term, they agreed to put $9,000 Total down on the house and they offered to pay more per month!
 I had agreed to give the Seller $2,000 of the original $7,000 Deposit. She signed a Notice of Option so I would be guaranteed that $2,000 at Closing in two years. However, when the Buyer's agreed to put the extra $2,000 down, I decided to put it in my pocket. In all, I received $7,000 by keeping my mouth shut! My Seller is thrilled because she's getting $200 more per month and debt relief! I destroyed the Notice of Option because I'm not waiting on any more money from this deal. Happy! Happy! Happy!
Side Note: My "Bonus" on this house was a nice, new patio set that I didn't pay for! The Sellers didn't want to move it so guess who took it home?! ME!!!
House #3 Waiting on a nut
A house with five bedrooms and five bathrooms is completely out of my league. But I bought it anyways! On May 3, the Sellers signed a contract to let me have this monstrous house which basically breaks down into two houses on the same foundation for $280,000. I hosted an Open House on Memorial Day because I had three families interested in a tour while they were gathered for the holiday. I priced the house for $300,000.
By Wednesday, one of the couples had given me half of their $10,000 deposit. The Sellers are happy because I split the initial down payment with them. They are in the process of moving out now. They should be out by June 21. To show their appreciation for my hard work, they gave me a mustard seed necklace. My favorite Bible verse is Matthew 17:20 which basically states that if you have just a tiny bit of Faith, NOTHING shall be impossible. Those words have helped carry me through these past five months!
The buyer's will give my attorney the balance of $5,000 plus the first month's rent ($1,500) by June 25 to take possession of the house. I'm waiting on my nut of $15,000 when the Buyer's obtain their own mortgage in 24 months. 
Why will they give my attorney the balance and the first month's rent instead of handing it over to me? Because I decided that I could afford two weeks of work/ vacation to attend Real Education classes then I'm heading to Gulf Shores, AL for a little R&R. Hopefully, my rehabbed house will get a contract while I'm gone! 
The happiest girl in east Tennessee! Thanks Jon!!
Whitney Nicely


I am so glad I had the opportunity to attend the Iannotti’s 4-day workshop.  I’ve learned so much about how to work with sellers who aren’t as motivated to sell and how to help them get what they need for their home.  It’s not like any other system I’ve learned before.  I’m also really excited about the tools I’ve learned about to help me grow my business and propel it to the next level.
-Melissa Simon

The Seminar was very energetic.  They were always open to questions, and you could talk to the presenters even after they did their presentation.  They are people, not like the big seminars.  The information is wonderful.  It was cool that they took our property leads and called the seller.  It shows how easy that it is to call the seller.   That showed me that the sellers are very approachable.  The small group was great because of the interaction that we all had.  Steph was great.  I don’t know how she remembered everyone’s names.  I was really getting down on seminars.  The way that they present the information was so personalized.  The dinners were “great”.  The networking was great.  I feel that with the information that we received we should be able to hit the ground running.  Thank you for your event.
-Bill Schubert

The Seminar was extremely comprehensive.  It covered info for a beginner in real estate investing to the experienced investor.  They covered all the steps to different strategies in real estate investing to optimize a particular deal.  They included all the pertinent info needed to be successful, documents, marketing, social media, accounting plus a wealth of resources.  The Iannotti’s were very organized, stayed on topic, taught relevant info with integrity and sincere willingness to teach.  It was informative as well as enjoyable/entertaining.  I liked the venue and setting being more interactive than a huge convention like selling.  Life changing.  I would highly recommend!
-Belinda Hanssen

If you want to cut through the typical real estate investing guru hype, go see the Iannotti’s.  The Iannotti’s are straight shooters who know what they are talking about.  They’ve been there and done that.  Their willingness to realistically share their vast knowledge and experience is a breath of fresh air blowing through/away the real estate investment teaching world.  The Iannotti’s are incredibly open and direct.  The success of their students is their sincere concern.  They don’t shy away from discussing the pitfalls real estate investors need to avoid.  The Iannotti’s give you all the tools you need for success in real estate investing.  Their enthusiasm and energy are contagious and inspiring.  They make the learning experience fun and rewarding.  An investment with/in the Iannotti’s is an investment in your own success.
-Jim Berg

It has been a dream of mine to be in the real estate business for a long time.  It started in high school with drafting & auto cad.  I maintained a 100/A grade all year.  Knowing I wanted to be in real estate, I took a sales agent class which I scored the highest grade in the class.  But I felt a sales agent wasn’t for me but I loved all the new information that I learned.   Over time I came into some money and asked my mom to look into investing in real estate.  We ended up going to a seminary where we spent a good amount of cash to get started, or so we thought.  Listening to the Iannotti’s, I was given more new information and a direction to go in.  I’m so excited to put it to use.  I feel more confident with my new education.
-Dwayne Bacon

Great event especially for new or intermediate experienced investors.  New ideas, some nuggets.
-Randy Thomason

The CATS course was the first real estate course in over 10 years.  I have purchased several others since then.  If I had to choose only one to keep, I would choose Jon & Stephanie’s CATS course.   I was really happy with having a smaller group to work with for the workshop.  I had fun with the other students and the activities that were included in the workshop.  I felt that all of the speakers did an excellent job with their presentations and provided a lot of useful information that I could use while building my business.  I feel that I received a lot more information than I had expected for the price of the course and boot camp.  I plan to come back to the training workshop with my daughter so that can also benefit from the training.
-Neil Asuncion

One of my favorite things is the size of the class that the Iannotti’s keep.  Everyone has a chance to ask any questions that they have.  Steph is SUPER conscientious of being sure that everyone understands a topic before moving on.
I love the fact that Jon and Steph are completely accessible during AND after the daily events.  They are Always available during lunch and have dinner meetings after class session.  In fact, I don’t know when they pee!
The mentors that they bring in have done and are doing deals – so everyone can help you 😊
-Brandi Targuinio

I found the information to be very timely and informative.  The real estate market is constantly changing and things I used to do to acquire properties don’t work well and I needed information to help me acquire properties in today’s market.
-Ken Jefferson

The REACT/CATS System will appeal to investors in any stage of their career.  Their methods and ideas can be applied in any market and in any stage of the real estate cycle.  The 4 day workshop is loaded with education, information, examples and tips and delivered in an easy-to-understand format.  I took 20 pages of notes!
-Dan Johnson

Who else teaches you a system that makes it possible to close and make money on every lead?   Fell the presentation is real and genuine as proved by deals done by students, now staff.  Although there are upsells they are to provide systems making the tasks easier for the investor, not sending you to another guru who will then try to sell you on his system and other gurus.  Very worthwhile seminar.
-Tore Iverson

This is my second time around and this time gave me the Ah-Ha moment on what steps to take to get my business off the ground.  I was feeling like a failure because I didn’t get it the first time around and Stephanie and Lisa helped me get over the feeling.
-Aaliya Allen

This was the most informative and well run investment seminar that I have ever attended.  Jon and Stephanie teach their cutting edge REACT system in a down to earth, easy to understand and informative way.  I would recommend this course to anyone and everyone who wants to invest in real estate.
-John Ferraro

Jon, Stephanie and everyone on their team have an immense amount of knowledge.  They are willing to share this with anyone who is serious about getting involved in real estate.  The team was very receptive in allowing all of the participants to be involved in the learning process.  The question and answer discussions gave everyone the opportunity to think outside of the box.   The learning continued throughout the entire 4 days through the networking that occurred even at the meal times.  Networking with the other attendees proved to be an invaluable tool in and of itself.  With all of the information my husband and I took away from these 4 days, it has given us the motivation and confidence to succeed in our new endeavors in real estate.  We don’t see how anyone can fail after attending the Iannotti’s 4 day workshop.
-Carla Schubert

This may be the best real estate seminar/workshop I have been to for explaining the moving parts of a real estate business.  The moving parts are also supplied by the Iannottis because they introduce us to their partners so that we can build our own team.  REACT lets me get an agreement to purchase and then match a funder to the property.
-Charles Clifton

I have been through a number of real estate investing programs and the REACT/CATS program has impressed me the most.  This program fits in with how I was raised.  Always treating people the way I want to be treated.  Zig Zigler has said if you help enough people get what they want then you will get what you want.
-Brian Brandt

I highly recommend this 4 day seminar.  The knowledge shared was highly surpassed.  I look forward to coming to other seminars in the near future.
-Barbara Ferraro

The invaluable specific REI related information we received at this workshop is amazing.  We are provided information and tools needed to run a legal compliant and successful business.  In addition, we have access to tons of resources, including mentoring options in many forms either by membership, phone, consultations, email access etc. to the team.
Thank you Steph, Jon and the Team!!
-Janet Bacon
It was a true blessing being able to attend the event.  It was worth every penny and believe me I spent my last to come and attend.  Not only was the information a wealth of knowledge, it made me realize I could go back to my small town of Pennsylvania, It, the REACT program, will work there as well.  This the opportunity I’ve been praying for and this will truly help me build a real estate empire and a legacy for my children.
-Michael Jones

The Iannotti’s and team exceeded my expectations.  I had a thousand reasons not to fly down here this week with 11 new acquisitions, family, scheduling conflicts, issues with closures/contractors, etc.  I am beyond grateful I made the trip.  I have no doubt this will be another million dollar stream of revenue for my business this year simply by implementing their system and being able to take advantage of all the leads we are currently throwing away.  Cheers!
-Ryan Arguello

This has been an eye opening and enlightening experience for me.  With my lack of background and experience it was great to learn new methods and to see leads.  I really appreciated the live testimonials.  It allows for me to see the validity of this.  Excited to go home and put this to work.
-Jason Crocker

I thought it was a really good event and even provided a great amount of information in a detailed fashion.  I finally had a lot of my questions answered and it will help me take my business to the next level.
-Kenny Engel

This is incredible education, very valuable information.  These few days will not only change what I do in my business, it changes the way I look at real estate in general.  I greatly appreciate the opportunity to participate in this workshop and looking to further my education in the future.
-James Ingram

Great event, different to what everyone else is teaching and doing.   If you want to get into real estate investment with very little funds and want to be fishing a different pond to all the other wholesalers/flippers out there, this is the course for you.
Love you both Jon and Steph.  Very happy we met in Cancun.  Hope we remain friends and remember that next time you’re heading Norther on I 75 let me know.
-Chris Kelly

I will say this:  I have been to many training events & Jon & Stephanie are very genuine and down to earth people.  They are patient & professional at the same time.  They are packed with knowledge and are willing to teach and pass on their out of the box thinking.  It is greatly appreciated. Oh, did I mention generous?  They also do not pressure sell anything, which is greatly appreciated.  They truly want to help you to become successful and re not just about making money.  They also have an incredible team and each of them are incredible as well.  It is also appreciated that they have brought in a person from each area of which we will have to add to our own dream team.  I cannot believe I will be an author in a boo that’s all because the Iannotti’s brought that opportunity to the table by bringing in TC Bradley.  So, have you figured out the theme here by now?  The Iannotti’s are wonderful and all the education is priceless.  I can’t thank you enough!                                                                                    - Angela Sullivan

After seeing so many ways of doing deals and then doing this 4 day class, this seems/makes more sense!  Wholesaling isn’t working!  I loved their team, all are so knowledgeable!  I was taught real, live stuff going on.  I love that.  And the live calls were helpful.  I especially liked breaking down the deal monetarily – Payment; PI; Taxes; Insurance, etc. that is so important to realize those costs!
All the info you have taught has been so much more than any other “Guru” class.  So much wonderful info and knowledge GAINED.  I have loved it and learned so much.  And I have been to and watched many seminars/webinars.  I look forward to really get going on it.
I Love you guys.                                                                                                           -Karen Radcliff

I am a Ron LeGrand master and met Jon & Stephanie Iannotti there.  Both are Masters of their trade.  The practice and additional knowledge you will learn here, you cannot learn anywhere else!  The weather in Florida is great and your significant other. It’s close to the beach so it can be fun for all.  Bring your wife, baby, etc. and they will love you as well as the weather.  Even coming in the winter months will beat the snow!  I’ll be going back again!  By the way, the knowledge you will learn from the additional teachers they bring in is priceless.                                                                                                                                                                -Bob Milisits

This is a great informational training event with great networking time.  Plenty of knowledge given without the sales pushes like other training events out there                        -Elsa Palmer-Oden

I must say that this is the second 4 days event.  This is my first with the Iannotti’s and them and their Team were a Breath of Fresh Air!  I absorbed more in these 4 days than the other one I went to.  They are so honest down to earth and genuinely want you to understand what they are saying so that you can be successful in this industry.  That to me is Priceless.                                                                                                                                                   -Tammy Bonomozo

The education offered in this class was nothing short of incredible.  The staff was amazing and treated everyone like we were part of their extended family.  They had a wealth of knowledge that they were happy to share.  Everyone in the class received enough information in four days that would take years to acquire on their own.  If you leave from this class and don’t closed deals, it is purely from lack of action and certainly not due to lack of knowledge.  I plan to go home from this event and hit the ground running.  I hope to, no, I plan to close multiple deals before coming to the next class in April 2018.  I want to say THANK YOU to all of the staff and instructors for this event.  I know it will be a truly life changing decision for me!                                                                                                                                                                  - Glenn Kirk

This event was the real deal.  Jon and Stephanie and team genuinely want to make sure that we understand everything that is being presented.  They take the time to answer all of our questions.  They are so patient and will even answer the same question several times!  We learn in different ways and they will take the time to teach it by writing it down, role playing, actual calls and of course speaking in from of us.  The other amazing thing is that they bring in their personal team and there dream team for us to ask all of them out questions.  This was the best time spent for me on my business I have spent since I decide to start it up 1 year ago.  I am going back home knowing exactly what I need to do, who I need to talk to and in what order to do them.  I feel like I am part of an incredibly supportive family now.  Thank you so much for making me feel confident in what I am doing in this business.                -Rich Amador

I was able to comprehend the business more because I had been here in April.  I will leave here with confidence in what I am doing that it will work and the support from the team is available even though I live up North!  Great Atmosphere and real fun time in a Business environment!                                                                                                                                   -Dennis Brandt

I was not here for the entire training, however, I always know that whenever ‘The Team’ is training a class or not- they are always available, approachable and share & teach you what & how to ge deals done.  There is never a question or situation they cannot help with.  As ideas or deal structuring changes, they are always up on current trends.  Thanks for letting me ‘nip’ in when I could.                                                                                              – Jerri

The conference experience is invaluable.  The presenters were experts in the specialized area ( niche market) and were very accessible to entertain questions during and after their presentation.  Jon and Steph dame the total four day seminar a memorable experience.  Anyone seeking to enhance their knowledge regarding investing in Real Estate, should strongly consider the Iannotti Team. 
                                                                                                                        -Fernando Andrews

Great event!!  This class gave a great picture of the entire ’deal’ from start to finish.  Other classes are specific to one topic or portion of the ‘deal’. This is great for new and experienced investors.  I love the ability to ask open questions on day 4 and during the whole weekend.  I know this is difficult to keep the flow but I found this was some of the most valuable information.  This also made the weekend more of a conversation then a lecture which made the event very enjoyable and easy to get through.  The resources made available are invaluable and worth way more that the cost of the event.
                                                                                                                         – Tyler Esposito

This was a great event.  A lot of information for people looking to get into investing.  Many of the speakers we are lucky enough to have heard at our local REIA, but hearing them more in depth is very interesting.  We got a lot of new information to add to our investor knowledge base.
                                                                                                                         – Elizabeth Esposito

Jon & Steph are two cool CATS.
They offer the BEST value for creative deal structuring I have ever seen in this business.
On leads I would have thrown out in the past, I was able to make over $31,000 on a single deal using their content and creative deal structuring teachings.
I can’t thank them enough for they truly have changed my life.                                                    -Luke Petrozza

I’ve been through ‘other’ training, as you know.  What convinced me to want to align myself with you and your programs was the honesty & dedication and teaching techniques that are current and applicable in “all” market conditions.  My prior training made me believe that the only way to do this wa to try to steal the property in my opinion.  It was too hard for me to wrap my mind and heart around that…
It is very important to me that you and Jon and team members are accessible and that is another reason I didn’t quit!                                                                                                                                                -Gerri Holgerson

Jon, Steph & Group – was very Blessed by the whole event!  Will leave with a lot of confidence that I can make this work finally after year of not really doing any investing!  Also, the personal relaxed fun atmosphere during the day and nighttime meals together were extremely fun and enjoyable.  Thanks Again.                                                                                                                                                        -Dennis Brandt

I learned that it was more beneficial of finding funders 1st vs. finding houses first.          -Will Cunningham
I am new to Real Estate market in US, so everything I heard in the seminar is new to me.  It’s pretentious to say that I understand everything, but I did learn a lot of tips to market myself and my business, new ways and skills to propose and close the deals.  I will certainly apply what I learned to my business and come back to refresh and learn more.                                                                                                -Minhua (Sam) Lyu

I thoroughly enjoyed the event ( 4-day).  Learned a tremendous amount of actionable information. I am looking forward to implementing what I have learned in my R/E business.             -Andric Richardson

I really enjoyed this event.  I think a few things were stretched out maybe longer than needed but,  no biggie.  I truly felt that EVERYONE in the room wanted to help and grow.
I have been guilty of throwing away leads and being lasered in on one way of doing deal and this has opened my eyes to new ideas, plus I hope I found my new VA.
I appreciate Luke for inviting me, Jon & Steph having me and teaching me we stuff.  Look forward to more vents!                                                                                                                                                -Brandon Barnes

These Iannotti’s Rock.  I knew all the major trainers in the country and they are the ONLY ones who teach how to buy the 99% of leads we get from NON-MOTIVATED sellers.  They cover everything from finding RE deals, deal analysis and everything they do in their own office to buy in a very competitive market.  They even introduce you to their entire team and how you too can easily build your own.  They keep us fed, make sure the event is not just fun, intimate so you can ask all your questions & call all your leads, but just plain informative on all levels.  You won’t leave until all of your questions have been answered.  Also, they don’t charge you an arm and a leg to attend, so just get here ASAP.  You’ll be glad you did or I can personally attest to.                            - Steve Love

I’ve known the Iannotti’s for years – I was first introduced to them on their ACT Program with I practiced successfully & cloned on many deals. 
                I have since come back to their REACTS Workshop and now understand how many more deals I can work and close due to their cutting edge techniques and concepts. Having access to their online resource site is invaluable and now look forward to working and implementing REACTS in my business model.
                Having access to the Iannotti’s is the best tool in this model.  Thank you Jon & Stephanie!
                                                                                                                                                                - Mike Vigil

As a 40 year Veteran of Real Estate investing, I’ve found the Iannotti’s present systems that actually Work in good markets & bad.  Use their knowledge, it will make you much more profit than you imagine.
                                                                                                                                                                -Brian June

This event on REACT/CATS with Jon & Stephanie has been life changing.  I have had “Ah-Ha” moments from start to finish.  We did seller calls, structured deal and really learned the “machine”
                Many “Guru’s” hold back, Jon & Stephanie hold back NOTHING and only provide the highest most up to date content out there.
                The speakers that come in to help train us provided 100% pure gold in content.  We really have been given a fountain of knowledge.
                I am so thankful for this opportunity and I hope to return for many years to come.
                                                                                                                                                                - Joshua Huddleston
If you are possibly thinking to yourself: “Can I do This”  The answer is on overwhelming YES>  With the help of the Iannotti’s program/boot camp, you definitely cam and will win.  It is a step-by-step integrated system that is followed, you will get deals and more!!!  The Boot Camp that they offer is a Action packed 4 day event chocked full of ‘real life’ practice, I learned so much from Deal Structuring, Deal role play & live seller calls.  The people that they bring in to in order to help us are AMAZING.  You have Marketing, Branding specialist, VA coordinators, Private funding, Real Estate Brokers, Attorney’s... the Works. And the contacts that you make networking is Priceless!  If you’ve been thinking about investing, stop thinking and ACT /REACT instead!  You will Succeed.                             - Rory Shackleford

We were extremely pleased with the speakers, the commitment to start & finish on time, the completeness of the systems and the well prepared presenters.  The course work taught showed you how to start, find, both buyers & sellers and take the transactions to the final stages to collect a check.  How to use VA’s to save and multiply your time & do the things that you don’t want to do.  We were taught what to do and most importantly what not to do to stay compliant with laws & regulations. We were given web access to many resources & all the changes to any agreement, an actual living system that is updated daily at no cost (at this time). We were exposed or participated in actual calls to sellers in real time and learned how to prepare & handle that part that keeps most people from actually starting any system…making that first call & overcoming (fear).  How to structure deals to overcome objections or (REACT) to modify a deal to everyone wins.                                                                -Paul Johnson

Since I run two REIA’s in Los Angeles, I hear so many Real Estate trainers already that the thought of traveling to the East coast and getting up at 4:30AM (my body time) is not what I’d normally choose to do.  That said, the fact that I have a very similar background to the Iannnotti’s says that it may be a waste of my time. So, why did I come?  Because I learned a TON from Jon and Stephanie and I knew that I would!!  He’s the only one out there that makes money from the “NO” leads, the non-motivated sellers.  Plus the fact that both Iannotti’s are excellent communicators, not to mention classy human beings.  They made the session not only fun, but added things one often does not receive at seminars such as coffee, lunches, sodas, candy, etc. and invited us out to dinner at night.  What more could one ask for?  This is certainly one of the best events I’ve EVER attended and I’ve attended countless.  Keep up the great work folks!  You deserve all the Blessings you’re receiving.                             – Steve Love

I have been looking for a way to control property and not purchasing the property.  A new way to handle my property as a landlord.  The creative financing and how to structure a deal between owners and purchaser.                                                                                                                                                             -Rob Sowden

I really appreciate all of the knowledge and expertise you shared with us this weekend.  It went to fast!  Being that this is my first time learning about REI, most of it was new and complex, but you showed it in a way that was understandable by everyone.  I would definitely like to attend future conferences that you hold and I hopefully will begin to build a better understanding of this industry.  I would love to partner and share marketing best practices since that is my background.  I think there’s a lot that can be done in that field!  Thanks again, and hope to see you soon.                                     - Sean Naccarelli

This event was very fun, informative and definitely and eye-opener about the secret and insights into real estate.  I didn’t know that you could customize or personalized deal structure for a customer or help them in other way other than purchasing their home.  It’s amazing how much potential this program has for anyone the drive and vision to do something better for themselves and their families.  I would definitely recommend this program to others who wish to start over with a clean stale and start making some hard earned cash. Jon & Steph really outdid themselves these past 3 days with all the knowledge they showered us with along with the tasty food.                                                  - Remiz Khan

For the last 10 years I have been to several seminars and boot camps around the country.  The CATS/ReACT event is the icing on the cake.  Nothing is held back here.  You would not learn this anywhere.  Jon & Stephanie Iannotti treat you like family & respect.
Great knowledge and experience is important here.
I have no hesitation in recommending this, something I have never done -
Thank You Very Much
Most Important:  The honesty of these people you get to hear it, see it & feel it.                 -Hamid Khan
I’ve been to a lot of seminars/ boot camps and absorbed a lot of information in my 12 years Buying & Selling houses.  I’ve scheduled and hosted a lot of local speakers in my 9 years as Director of Education for my local  REIA. 

That said, I have quite a frame of reference to compare the Iannotti’s even to .  Of primary importance- they are very obviously not teaching ‘theory’, but rather something that they apply regularly. 

The seminar was professionally executed and quite information-intensive (minimal “fluff”).

Their business model is sufficiently different from anything I’ve seen out there as to make them, for all practical purposes, the only source from which to credibly learn these methods & techniques.                                                                                                                                                                                        – Lou Gimbotis
I have spent money, time & effort of conventional education in my life.  This education series has given us practical understating in the process of developing assets through Real Estate.  I feel like I’m ready to get started in the industry.  The training supplied understanding and gave me the confidante to start making immediate moves.  The Team that Jon & Stephanie have compiled will be instrumental in our success.  We are excited to work with them.  Applied knowledge is power.  This seminar provided it.  I liked that the information was consistent & they went over it again & again.  There was no question off the table.                                                                                                                                         -Robert J. Wareham
It’s a privilege to be in this event CATS/ReACT.  A lot of stuff to lean but all of them were covered.  I’ve learned so much and I recommend this seminar to all the investors.  A good team to be a part of.  Just Do It!                                                                                                                                                               -Sheila Garcia

Steph & Jon,
This event was truly the most useful & beneficial to  be able to interact w/the REACT Team.  The creativity, synergy and knowledge of this group is unmatched compared to any I have experienced before.  The quality of information and usefulness of how it can be applied in TODAY’s Real Estate Market is one of a kind.
I can’t thank you guys and the team you’ve put together enough.  It’s an awesome experience that is unique in every way.                                                                                                                      -Luke A. Petrozza

I’m amazed at how easily & simple their way of teaching is.  Simple, Simple, Simple – it is easy to see how much knowledge & care that was shown for their audience.  Their way of showing us the technics of producing an easy method for financial freedom.                                                   - Barbara Sherlin

As an amateur I feel I’m unable to knowledgably provide a great testimonial.  I am grateful that I found the Iannotti’s, very early in my career.  I certainly feel these techniques will greatly speed up my REI career along.  The student contacts made close tome will prove much help too.        -Brent Fox
Great information that can be applied and successful with.  Real people speaking from the heart with proven experience both good and bad.  Best way to get through a minefield is behind the leader who knows where they are.  Thanks, you all rock.                                                                       -Sherry Wareham

Mental tweaking from start to finish, with common sense  application and from those various perspectives.  Some really new ideas in spite of my years of structuring experiences. -Judy Watson
Jon / Stephani Iannotti’s ReACT/CATS Workshop is the easiest and understandable workshop I have attended.  I have been investing in Real Estate as a landlord for 40 years.  I have attended many Real Estate seminars and Jon & Stephanie make investing simple and understandable tan any seminar I have been to.  This is the easiest way to make money in Real Estate there is today.                        -Jeff Goodman
I have spent more than $50K on REI programs & education. This workshop was the Best Value I have ever received.  The Iannotti’s are genuine, real and provide their students with the current techniques and strategies that are working TODAY.  They are ‘the real deal’!  Thank you Jon & Steph – you tow are life changers.                                                                                                                                                       -Dave from MA

Jon and Stephanie deliver a practical, focused message on how to make money doing real deals.  They have clearly taught how to begin and complete transactions that would have been passed by many times by other investors.
Their information and techniques are current and relevant.
They are insanely honest and ethical in all of their dealings with students and Sellers and Buyers.
                                                                                                                                                                                -Garon Rayburn